“ I LOVE these Passover song parodies. I have been using parodies for years, and they have gotten old and tired. Barbara, yours are clever, educational, and truly laugh-out-loud funny. I can’t wait to share them with my school, congregation, and family.”

--Cantor Marcey Wagner, Cantor/Education Director, Temple Isaiah, Stony Brook, NY, 2018  


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“Barbara Sarshik is a parody specialist, and … she produces — for free! — a giant collection of really excellent ‘Seder Songs,’ parodies of all sorts of tunes, especially Broadway and Disney scores, that aren’t too irreverent for the singing portion of most Passover dinners.”

--Pat Myers, "Empress" of The Style Invitational, The Washington Post's humor contest 


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“I just discovered your Passover song book, and I just want to tell you how brilliant it is, and how much I appreciate your sharing it with the world.”

–Marianna, 2016



“Just wanted to say that your Passover songs to the tunes of pop songs were the perfect thing to bring the family back after the meal for a modern Nirtzah. We had a bunch printed out and everybody got a packet with their haggaddah. It was the best.”

--Jake, 2014


“These are fabulous! I can't tell you how much fun I am having with these songs already by myself. Can't wait to do them at the seder -- especially the ‘um diddle diddle diddle’ … Thanks for sharing.”

--Elaine, 2009



“I was so excited when I first found your songs last year. I immediately added several of your songs to my seder. People loved them.”

 –Gary, 2010



“Your music has made such a difference in the last few years.  Every year, I add in more of your songs (always crediting you), and it creates so much joy and togetherness to have people sing these words to familiar melodies.”

--Kelly, 2016



“We learned about your seder songs ... and downloaded a handful for our seder. … I forwarded a link to our son too, so his seder will have a little bit in common with us.  How can we not all be smiling at ‘Why You Are Here’ and ‘Everything's Coming Up Moses’?”

 --Angela, 2010


“Thank you for providing the free downloads of your Passover song parodies.  I've added them to our family's seder over the past several years and they've been lots of fun!”

--Rachel, 2014 




“I just found your fabulous songs! … I am a huge musical theater person and I sing and plan to sing a medley at our seder in Manhattan.”

--Andrea, 2012


“Your Passover songs were a HUGE hit!  My aunt and I prepared 4 songs to sing as a surprise. Everyone at the seder loved them!  My aunt also forwarded the songs to her Cantor.”

--Holly, 2009



“I came across your fabulous songs by surfing the web and was blown away…. Thanks for the songs and the enjoyment.”

--Eli, 2012